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From: David Garfinkel


Hey -- what in the world is the World Copywriting Newsletter?


Lately I've noticed I can't answer individual questions about copy from strangers and friends...


...and even my highest-paying clients have to wait longer and longer to get access to me.


This is throwing me off my mission, which is to provide copywriting information, skills and expertise to everyone who wants and needs it for their business. 


So I decided to do something about it.




David Garfinkel's World Copywriting Newsletter!


It's free.  It contains valuable info.  Some will be written; some will be in audio form; and I may even throw a little video into the mix from time to time.




That's right, free.


Now maybe you're wondering,


"Is David Garfinkel running a Non-Profit Organization?"


Au contraire, mon ami.  (That's my version of French, meaning: Not at all, my friend! I use French only because I have to get something out of my bachelor's degree in that language, and more and more, the opportunities are getting few and far between.)


Here's why the free newsletter:


I just happen to believe that if you and I ever decide to do business together, you'd want to know a little more about me:  What I do, say, think, and have to offer.


And providing information to you at no charge through The World Copywriting Newsletter is the best single way I can think of to provide you with that information.


Now, more about the newsletter...


This might be a little different from other marketing newsletters you receive, because I'm not going to write it on any fixed schedule.


But when I send you something, you can be sure it is good.


I'll tell you about discoveries, insights, funny things, serious things... all kinds of stuff that helps me with my copy and I'm pretty sure will help you.


So... as an introductory offer... I'm going to give you a full audio of a one-hour teleseminar other people paid good money for just as a goodwill offering to get us off on the right foot.


Master business teacher, author, consultant and speaker Terri Lonier (of "Working Solo" fame) interviewed me for an hour and coaxed 11 Copywriting Secrets out of me.  Some of this is may be familiar to you, but I'm going to give you a new "twist" on what you already know.


And, I'm almost sure that some what you will hear is new.


My guarantee to you: It will jolt your thinking.


So let's get started:


1) Type your first name and your email address into the form, below.


2) No, we won't give your name to anyone else.  We won't sell it.  Share it.  Rent it. Your email name is safe with me.  And yes, you can unsubscribe at any time, with the click of a single link at the bottom of the email you receive from me.


3) Once you've filled out the form below, click "submit."


4) Then I'll send you your first email which will ask you to confirm that it was really you at that email address who signed up for this newsletter.


5) Click on the link to say "yes."


6) Then I'll send you another email with a link to the recorded teleseminar.  You can play it online, or download MP3 files to play later.  That simple.


7) And you'll get other exciting and interesting things somehow related to writing copy as I come up with them, or come across them.


We're going to have fun.  I hope you become a subscriber and stay with us for a long, long time. 


Welcome to the World Copywriting Newsletter... now...


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